Twin Pine Composite Squadron - NER-NJ-092
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Help for New Cadets

Welcome to CAP: Twin Pine Composite Squadron!

Becoming a cadet in the Civil Air Patrol is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have as a young adult. Taking this first step of becoming a cadet leader automatically gives you a leg up on many things you will experience in life. The Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program becomes what you make of it, meaning that if you dedicate yourself to the program and take advantage of all of the opportunities Civil Air Patrol has to offer you will, without a doubt, enjoy and benefit from your time in the cadet program.

Before you can enjoy the benefits that Civil Air Patrol has to offer, there are a few things that you need to do first:

  1. First, go to Civil Air Patrol national website. Orient yourself with this website because it will serve as a resource to you throughout your CAP career. If you have any questions about CAP try to answer them yourself by doing some research and exploring this website!
  2. Next, go to CAP eServices Registration page and follow the directions as to how to get access to your own eServices account. eServices is another resource that will help manage and guide you through your cadet career.
  3. Once you get your account, log onto eServices and on the left side you will see a menu with different links. Click on the link “Online Learning” and then click on the link “Learning Management System” and select  . The following needs to be completed, make sure to print your certificates! (2 copies)
    1. Equal Opportunity Training
    2. Operational Security and Awareness Training (OPSEC)
    3. Basic Risk Management  
    4. Aircraft Ground Handling  
  4. Next, you need to complete the Wing Runner Course; Under “On-Line Courses and Exams” you will find the Wing Runner course. All you have to do is read the slides, take the exam, and print out your certificate (2 copies).
  5. Almost done! Next you need to create your own CAP Form 161. When you print out the CAPF161 make sure to print out 2 copies, one you will always carry on you for the rest of your cadet career and the other you will submit to Major Williams along with all of your certificates to go into your file.
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